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Introduction: Simple MP3/ipod Car Holder

I have a carpet dashboard cover for my Rabbit. I bought a cheap cellphone holder at Walgreens and velcroed it to the dash (the dash acts like the fuzzy side of velcro), but I couldn't see the screen very well and it was awkward to reach the buttons. So I took some scrap 1/4 fiberboard and hot-glued up a quick wedge mount, also held on by velcro. Works stellar, and no amount of road bumps have yet to shake it loose.



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    Nice instructable. Yes, the power of velcro.

    That's a great idea. I have a minivan that I drive and I end up sticking my iPod in the little compartment for CD's. It always flies out when I take sharp turns. I think I will take your idea and make it a steeper angle and mount it on the dash; similar to how GPS units are mounted. Great idea! -Erich

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    You might try one of those silicone skins for your iPod. I have one and I can set my iPod anywhere I want in my car and it stays put.

    Thanks! Gotta love the hot glue gun - it's held the hula girl on my cupholders thru some pretty nasty potholes...