Picture of Simple MP3/ipod car holder
I have a carpet dashboard cover for my Rabbit. I bought a cheap cellphone holder at Walgreens and velcroed it to the dash (the dash acts like the fuzzy side of velcro), but I couldn't see the screen very well and it was awkward to reach the buttons. So I took some scrap 1/4 fiberboard and hot-glued up a quick wedge mount, also held on by velcro. Works stellar, and no amount of road bumps have yet to shake it loose.
ahead7 years ago
Nice instructable. Yes, the power of velcro.
nospleen9 years ago
That's a great idea. I have a minivan that I drive and I end up sticking my iPod in the little compartment for CD's. It always flies out when I take sharp turns. I think I will take your idea and make it a steeper angle and mount it on the dash; similar to how GPS units are mounted. Great idea! -Erich
You might try one of those silicone skins for your iPod. I have one and I can set my iPod anywhere I want in my car and it stays put.
Gregory (author)  nospleen9 years ago
Thanks! Gotta love the hot glue gun - it's held the hula girl on my cupholders thru some pretty nasty potholes...