Simple Mag-Lite Bike Lamp





Introduction: Simple Mag-Lite Bike Lamp

A quick and cheap way to attach a Mag-Lite, or any flashlight to your bicycle. You probably don't
need help to figure this out, but just in case.

Edit: Don't do this, it is a wonderful way to ruin a Mag-lite. Seems the vibrations are just a little bit to much for the poor thing. And here i was thinking that Mag-Lites were indestructible. If you find a way to pad the poor little flashlight, or just have an excess of flashlights, go ahead, otherwise, be warned.

Step 1: Acquire Materials

A quick trip to Ace is all you need. Keep in mind the diameter of your bikes handlebars and the flashlight, and buy 2 pipe clamps, one to fit around your bikes handlebars, one to fit around the flashlight.
Simple ain't it?
Buy a bolt and a few nuts to hold everything together.

Step 2: Finish

Done. Told you that was simple. it should now look something like this.



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    do the LED conversion to the maglite, should get rid of the vibration problem. look up nite-ize for the conversion kit.

    This works great with el cheapo flashlights. For some reason they hold up a little better then the Mag-Lights. I use some cheap plastic ones from the dollar store so if it breaks, I'm not out much. (They seem to last longer attached to the forks instead of the handlebars as well).

    when mankind is destroyed and the Apocalypse comes, maglites and cockroaches will be all that remain.

    Try adding rubber spacers in various places(between pipe clamp and mag-light). I will probable attempt this just because of the simplicity involved.

    oh i was thinkin of something like this, only strapped to the helmet. But i suppose i could put one on the helmet and one on each side of the handles which gives me a fair whack of lighting and a nice large arc

    so simple!!! yet so great awsome instructable :)

    why didn't i think of that? very easy, cheep, works.... Very nice!


    Can also be mounted on either side of the stem so that you don't hook it on a tree if you're trail riding. Do so the extra bolt material is pointing downward so you do spear yourself if you wreck.