Simple Magnetic Tool Rack





Introduction: Simple Magnetic Tool Rack

Here's a quick and easy way to sort all your small tools into more convenient racks. It's likely you already have everything you need to make this - so it's very cheap.

The majority of tools are ferrous (i.e. magnetic) and so can be easily suspended with very small neodymium magnets.

All you will need:

►Any ferrous* tool

►Small neodymium magnets** (5mm diameter, ~3mm thickness)

►Wood strip, as long as you like

►Small wood screws

*If you want to use non-ferrous tools, you will have to install a magnet within the tool itself as well (check polarity).

**If you want to make this for bigger tools, use larger diameter magnets. HDD magnets will also work, though may crack with hard impacts.

Step 1: Drill the Holes

Mark out the holes for the magnets. I recommend placing your tools on the wood to check the spacing. Since I was making this for a set of identical tools, I just gauged the space and repeated this 4 more times. Do make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold that tool first.

Next, use a 5mm forstner bit to drill into the wood. If you do not have one, you can just use a standard 5mm drill bit but this will not work as well. Keep stopping to check the depth; the magnet must not protrude when fitted. If you go to deep, don't worry - this can be corrected later.

Step 2: Glue the Magnets

Now you can glue the magnets using hot glue or epoxy (for more strength). I recommend hot glue because you can easily correct any depth issues: simply put a bit more underneath. When dry, check they are secure by attaching the tools and taking them off.

Step 3: Mount It

Finally, use some suitable wood screws to mount your rack wherever you want, just make sure you don't split the wood.

You've now made a cheap and easy tool rack.



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Just read posts about getting "same thing from Harbor Freight", yes, you can, but, salvagable magnets, ends & pieces of finishing wood, & screws are EVERYWHERE! Unless U R living in a utopian world where everything has been re-cycled,. C'mon guys, if we're gonna DIY, do it from scratch.

I've always wanted a magnetic tool rack for cutlery ( so handy & utilizing small space), why not for our other tools as well? Your design lends to limitless creative workspaces be they stationary or mobile ... I love it ... Thank You for revealing It's simplicity to the crazy over-thinker that is me!

lthough great design, beware of metal waste particles/metaldust collecting on the tool wich will be also little magnetic. otherwise, good choise!

Cool build - simple and tidy - - plus I don"t know about you guys but I always seem to lose my side cutters/wire cutters, not any more.

Good idea. Why hadnt i thought of it!!

If you make a small shelf on the bottom, you can put heavier tools. Good for chisels or other tools you don't want to fall down. Shelf holds weight and magnet holds them in.

yea, that was my idea, too last week when i was tidyin up, but i wanted to put a line of metal strip (old torn stuff from palette transports) between to be able to vary the position, but the magnets (i got the same kind as you're usin) were not strong enough and i didnt want the magnets to come out of the wood one day, so i took screws instead, the way more easier solution for a rack.

I always like DIY, but just in case you have a Harbor Freight near by.

You don't have to print it out, just write down the coupon code and give it to the person at the register.

Code is 63181360


YES! You can also take a photo of the coupon with your phone, or open the image right from this site and they will scan it right off your phone screen. Harbor freight is my favorite place for free stuff to use in other projects. Especially the flashlights with free LEDs.

Absolutely. You may already know this site, but just incase, here's a link to a thread that is constantly being updated with HF coupons and deals.