hi , today we are going to make a simple microscope with 3$ and your smart phone

Step 1: Materials

  1. laser toy " red laser
  2. hair clip
  3. your smart phone

Step 2: Steps

  1. First , dismantle the laser toy carefully and you will find a small lens at the forefront of laser.
  2. second , put the small lens into the hair clip .
  3. then , put them together inside the cover of phone or fix them by anyway ,but the lens must be in front of camera lens .
  4. after that open the camera and you must open the flash light to get clear pic.
  5. To get more zoom download " telescope hd " app .

Step 3:

Step 4:

<p>That's an impressive level of magnification for a smart phone :)</p>
<p>yes .. if it like u follow me :]</p>

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