Simple Microwave Egg Sandwich


Introduction: Simple Microwave Egg Sandwich

Tasty and simple and very quick

Step 1: Ingredients

One egg, bread or toast, butter, tbls water, ceramic bowl.

Step 2: Butter the Bowl

Lightly butter the bowl

Step 3: Add Water

Add one tablespoon water and whisk with fork to scramble

Step 4: Cook

This is really fast so watch while cooking.
Only about 30 seconds in microwave!

Step 5: Done!

Egg will slide out of the bowl.
I add some mayo and some salt / pepper.
Yummy and fast snack.



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    nice, should try later....thanks

    Amazing. Replaced the water with milk, and added pepper before cooking, it's delicious. Thanks.


    Great timesaver. No spattered mess on the stovetop!
    I substituted English muffin from Trader Joe's for the bread, Pam spray for the butter. Next time I'm at TJ's I'll get some salsa to make this a wayvos rancheros.

    Buttered bagel + slice of cheese+ ham + salsa +green peppers+ red onion = Southwestern.
    Hah made them all the time at a coffee house I worked at.

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    Cool. I will try that.
    Most times I just do egg and bread - easy on the tummy :-)

    best. snack. ever.

    perfect! I've been wanting a nice easy hot egg sammy .. but didnt want to get the skillet out... you rock! thanks for the ible!

    Mix some Tony Chachere's with the egg before microwaving it and throw a slice of cheese on it and some lunch meat with a bagel instead of plain ol' bread and you've got yourself a gourmet meal!

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