Introduction: Simple Minecraft Cottage

Picture of Simple Minecraft Cottage

An easy starter home for minecraft

Step 1: Layout

Picture of Layout

Copy out the design make sure there spaced out 3x3

Step 2: Hight

Picture of Hight

Build up on each wood block by 2

Step 3: Joining Up

Picture of Joining Up

Add more wood to link all of the wood together

Step 4: Flooring

Picture of Flooring

Fill the floor up with oak wood

Step 5: Door Way

Picture of Door Way

Using a combo of oak wood planks and cobblestone fill in the front of the house leaving a gap for the door

Step 6: Walls

Picture of Walls

Using the same design, fill the walls leaving a gap for windows

Step 7: Fancy Roof Thing

Picture of Fancy Roof Thing

Just copy the picture I can't explain this part

Step 8: Roof Frame Complete

Picture of Roof Frame Complete

Like we did with the frame of the walls join up all the roof parts

Step 9: Fancy Edge

Picture of Fancy Edge

Again just copy picture

Step 10: Roof

Picture of Roof

Finally fill in the roof with oak wood and cobblestone stairs

Step 11: Finishing Toutches

Picture of Finishing Toutches

Add doors and windows

Step 12: And...

Picture of And...

DONE this was my 2nd instructable so tell me what you think bye


AceLovesPiggies (author)2017-01-12

That's a great way to build a roof. I'll definitely use that!

Hiimriotbear (author)2016-05-15


RedKing9132 (author)2016-05-14

You earned a follow! Doesn't happen often, be proud of yourself mate, looking forward to new Instructables from u ^-^

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