Introduction: Simple Minecraft Redstone Wiring

Picture of Simple Minecraft Redstone Wiring

this will teach you some simple redstone wiring on the game Minecraft.

Step 1: Redstone Clock/Loop

Picture of Redstone Clock/Loop

this step shows how to make a redstone loop/clock

Step 2: A Piston Alternative to the Previous Step

Picture of A Piston Alternative to the Previous Step

this step shows you how to make another redstone clock/repeater but looks better and gives a quicker pulse of energy but is a little tricky.

Step 3: Piston Door

Picture of Piston Door

this step shows u........blah blah blah, READ THE TITLE

place everything like i have and it should work


mazzy mitchell (author)2015-05-17

This helped me a ton! Keep up the good work!

PTMoney12 (author)2014-01-01

Awesome! I've been wanting to know how to make a door this way.

kurtnotkirk (author)2013-12-08

Cool! Thanks!

Bobey (author)2013-04-21

I like it I feel you how it doesn't feel good to get comments nobody has rote. On my page either

JJ8090 (author)2012-02-21

Don't forget to comment and rate :)

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