Introduction: Simple Mini MagLite Handlebar Holder

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Take some scissors to an ordinary 700c bike tube and you've got yourself a dirt cheap way to mount your mini flashlight!

Step 1: Materials Needed

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You'll need two very important items:
700c or similar sized bike tube

Step 2: Sizing It Down

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Find a good section on your tube to cut away. The best possible size I came up with is about two and a quarter times the length of the flashlight.

*Side note: You may want to wash out the powder from the inside. It might be a little messy otherwise.

Step 3: Fitting the Light

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From the top end of the tube measure down about one inch, fold it over and cut a slit through the tube.
Make sure the slit is big enough to let the light slide through with some resistance.

From the bottom, turn the tube one quarter rotation, measure down about an inch and a half, cut another slit. This time, the slit must be big enough to let the front end of the light slide through.

The reason for the quarter rotation is because in the end product, if you wrap this around your handlebars correctly, the tube won't be all twisted up.

Now, you're done! Click on for the mounting instructions!

Step 4: Mounting the Light

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1. Take the top end of the tube with the smaller slit. Fit it over the back of the light and slide it up to the top of the grip.

2. Hold the light to the handlebar while taking the remaining slack and wrapping it around one and one-half times.

3. Tightly pull the tube up and over the back end of the light, then pull it down and under the handlebar again.

4. Pull the remaining slit over the front part of the flashlight.

Good job!

(If you need any more info on this, ask in the comments!)


dchall8 (author)2008-07-19

Should I vote for yours or this one from several years ago?

cliche_cliche (author)dchall82008-07-20

well, my obvious choice would be mine. I ended up submitting my instructable and then coming across that one. Although it looks simple, I don't think it will work too well. Besides, when have you last seen a livestrong bracelet? Tubes never go out of style!

aeromancy (author)2008-07-19

Nice Instructable. I plan on trying this with my flashlight. Great work! 5/5 stars

cliche_cliche (author)aeromancy2008-07-20

thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked it!

ll.13 (author)2008-07-17

I like it! very simple.

cliche_cliche (author)ll.132008-07-18

Ah. Thanks! It was just an idea that sparked as I was riding home uncomfortably holding my flashlight in my hand. Vote my instructable for the book if you'd like. Thanks!

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