Stackable Wooden Storage Crates





Introduction: Stackable Wooden Storage Crates

Helloooo & Happy New Year Everybody!

Take a look in this instructable, where you will see how I built some simple, modern, stackable wooden crates, made of Pinewood, that I created for the favors of my niece’s baptism.

Step 1:

I built them in such a way that each one can be placed inside the other, in order to take up less space and be easier to move.

Step 2:

Because these lumbers come in 3 meters length, I started to cut them in smaller pieces.

Step 3:

Then I put a stop block and cut all the pieces precisely in the dimensions I need them to be. Firstly at the right length and then at the right width. That in this case is 5cm.

Step 4:

Every wooden crate has 4 legs, 20cm long and 5cm wide, and each of them consists of 2 pieces of wood. This means that I have to cut 40 pieces in total.

Step 5:

In order for every leg be the same on every side, I measured the thickness of the wood and then I subtracted it from the total width of a piece.

Step 6:

Then I started to assemble all the pieces together.

Step 7:

Marked them, drilled them and screwed them.

Step 8:

Then I rounded all the edges with the router.

Step 9:

I sanded them, puttied all the holes and then sanded them again for a smoother feeling.

Step 10:

Then I repeated the same process for the side pieces of the wooden crates.

Step 11:

Nailed them, marked them, drilled them, screwed them, sanded them, rounded all the edges, puttied all the holes and then sanded them again for a smoother feeling.

Step 12:

For the bottom of the wooden crates I used nine pieces of 54cm length and 5cm width. Also I left a space of 11mm between them.

Step 13:

Marked them, drilled them and screwed them.

Step 14:

After the bottom of every crate is ready, I took the remaining pieces and installed the legs on them.

Step 15:

I left 3cm from the top, so that every crate can fit in into the other.

Step 16:

After I finished that process, I took the bottom pieces I built before and installed them onto the other pieces with the legs.

Step 17:

Also left a 3cm gap between these two pieces.

Step 18:

Nailed them, screwed them and the crates are ready!!

Step 19:

Thanks for reading! I hope 2017 to be a Wonderful, Happy, Healthy & Prosperous year for Everyone!



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I need a few sets of these for the garage. Awesome instructable.

beautiful and functional. I love these.

I'm happy that you liked it and thanks a lot for your kind words!

Stay tuned for more! Best wishes!

Your welcome. And I will be waiting for more.


I like this...

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

Take care!

This is excellent. I love that you made the instructable so easy to follow. You are so organized and this is so clear. I would like to try this, I'll probably have the store do the main cuts. I'd like to do it on a smaller scale to hold my cosmetic craft supplies. Thank you. There must be a contest I can vote for you in. :)

I greatly appreciate your warm words of encouragement! It's very kind of you!

The truth is that I’m out of time now and I haven’t checked out the contests… Maybe I'm gonna do it now! Thanks a lot for the support anyway!

Take care & All the Best!

great instructable and awesome results! Could you let us know what software you used to make the plans?


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

I'm using SketchUp. It's free & easy to learn! Try it!

Best wishes!