Introduction: Simple Motor

I was looking how to make simple machines and i came across one that didn't work out so i modified it and it actually worked.

:( P.S. I'm gona upload more pics soon:)

Step 1: Supplies


1) AA battery
2) copper wire
3) Neodymium magnet

( If you need to know a place to find the magnets here it is: they sell them in 6 pieces.)

4) multimeter

Step 2: Step 1

Take the multimeter and test the battery under (DCV) 2v make sure it's at least 1.400v.

Step 3: Step 3

Put the magnet on the negative side of the battery.

Step 4: Step 4

take the wire and bend it at the top to touch the positive side then twist it down to the magnet making sure that it doesn't touch the sides of the battery only the magnet.


1107 made it! (author)2012-05-16

cant we use other magnets

elkalpin made it! (author)2009-10-25

How doth it work?!?!? |:b

anthondanthony made it! (author)anthondanthony2009-10-26

the power from the maknet and the battery makes a high electo magnetic field and spinns the copper wire:)

elkalpin made it! (author)elkalpin2009-10-26

post more pics! I want to see the finished product

anthondanthony made it! (author)anthondanthony2009-10-26

that's the first pic

PolarBill made it! (author)2009-09-06

homo-polar motors are very interesting.

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