Picture of Simple Nerf Firestrike Mod
This is a simple mod. You can (and it has been done) also do this for the Nite Finder. This mod makes the gun SUPER powerful. It now has recoil! The Nerf Elite guns all claim to reach at least 75 feet, but they do not, but after this mod, this one does!!!
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Step 1: Materialz

Picture of Materialz
You will need:
Nerf Firestrike
Some thick rubber bands (as many as you want, but not too many)

Step 2: Loop

Picture of Loop
First, loop a rubber band around the plunger grip.

Step 3: Hook

Picture of Hook
Next, hook band around barrel of gun.

Step 4: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
Repeat with all of your remaining rubber bands.

Step 5: Ta-Da!!!

Picture of Ta-Da!!!
You're done! Congratz!
Doing this severely lowers the life expectancy of the blaster. It only worked WELL with the Tech Target blaster, the one that used mega darts, because it had a much sturdier priming handle than the Nite Finder and Firestrike do. It's a little bit harder but very worth it and better for the blaster to replace the spring. These DO get 75ft stock slightly angled, which is how Nerf does and always has measured their ranges.

Thanks for pointing this out, one of Nerfrock's mods already broke my Reflex. I love this mod, but I'm gonna remove it and do some internal mods, like AR removal.

Does this gun have an AR? I haven't taken these apart yet.

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8702 months ago

Firestrikes are cheap, and the firepower is well worth it. The FS indeed does have an AR. You'll need a pipe cutter.

Very ugly looking, but works great! I don't give a crap about aesthetics so nice job! Also, can you please tell me what kind of bands these are.

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8702 months ago

Thanks, these are #64 bands, the same kind we K'nexers use for building guns.

legoman1111 year ago
Nice, but makes it heck hard to reload. All in all, nice mod.

The band that wraps around the top of the gun is easy and quick to remove. Unhook it from under the barrel and priming should be easier. Trust me, I did this mod to my two Elite XD firestrikes (does XD actually do anything for range?)

nerfrocketeer (author)  legoman1111 year ago
knexbug12 months ago

oh right sorry

knexbug knexbug12 months ago

you are underestimating the range of these guns, a few years back I did a range test on the nite finder , without this mod it fired 60feet and with this mod it did 75 feet. and that was just the nite finder

knexbug1 year ago

what recoil????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

nerfrocketeer (author)  knexbug12 months ago
The bands should rock the gun in your hand if you put enough on.