Introduction: Simple Nerf Dart Mod

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This is my first Instructable, and I know people have done this before, so don't go negative on me.This mod gives your Nerf darts more power and range.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

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You will need-
*A Nerf dart (duh)

Step 2: Getting Tape

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Cut a small piece of tape.

Step 3: Assembly

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Search the dart tip for a small hole.Tape up the hole and make sure the tape is on tight.
Note:You may have to cut it smaller if it's a tagger dart because tape doesn't stick well to velcro

Step 4: Alternate Method

You could also seal the hole up with a small dab of hot glue.

Note: I have not tested this method,and I don't know if it will add too much weight or what.


DIYNerd123 (author)2015-07-08

Lolllll so funny u said no hate well to bad same for every one else who posted this

mpang (author)2012-05-12

adding hot glue on a more powerful gun means that the dart won't fish-tail sono, it's not too much weight, unless it's a recon, longstrike, deploy or raider

modder1 (author)2010-09-19

what does it do

rawknexstuff (author)modder12010-10-20

The hole you are covering lets out air when it impacts the target, so covering it will make a harder tip. <----- Lol TWSS

NatNoBrains (author)rawknexstuff2010-12-10


how is that funny?

If you were older, you would get it.
Read it when you are 13

read it again and i just got it lol

u r dirty

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