This mod for the Nerf Nite Finder is for anyone, even if you've never modified a dart gun before. This only goes about half as far as you can go with a Nite Finder, so also check other mods before saying, "I'm finished." All you need is a small Philips head screwdriver and the Nite Finder.

Step 1:

This step is simple but seems to take forever. Take the Nite Finder apart. Make sure you take the screws out slowly and carefully, because if one won't budge, it wrecks the whole process.

Step 2:

Now, with the gun apart, take out a little spring on the orange piece in the yellow box in the second picture.
Your mod made my nite finder a pullback silencer. good job. But the bad thing is you can't shoot upside down.
does it work or not work??? i would like to know
Everyone disregard this mod. It takes out the spring that holds the catch. <br /> <br /> All this mod does is makes your gun unusable.<br />
my gun is still usable this mod works
It makes the pullback quiet......... otherwise the difference isn't very noticable.
nice mod dude but why do u have 2 instructions out also i did a similar mod and this mod i did makes my NF dead silent
i did this accidently to mine , it does increse the range , but makes it a basterd to load!
Thats the catch, it keeps the plunger from firing, I don't know what removing the spring does though.
wot dus it dooo to it?
then wot?

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