Step 2: Step 2: Adding Stability

Adding Stability:
As your roll begins to reach about one-two inches thickness start putting in pins for stability, try to stagger them evenly and put them in at a slight angle to better hold the fabric in place. I put in pin #1 then again at a turn and a half, then again at a turn and 3/4, then again at a turn and a half, then I did it again, only I tried to put a pin in between the pins already there. 

(I tried to put mine at the halves then at the different quarters and tried to keep them spaced evenly)
I started by using up the few plan stick pins in my arsenal before switching to my pretty colored pins.

Keep doing this till  you reach about the same circumference as the inside of your container.
If your circumference needs to be very big or you are short on pins you could try adding two or three extra turns between pins.
Thank you so much for this tutorial...its brilliant - I am going to make them as gifts for people who buy my buttons...Louise<br>
Thanks, so excited to have been featured! :D
Looks fantastic! This will make a perfect gift.

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