Simple No-Sew Cover Up





Introduction: Simple No-Sew Cover Up

Have you ever been to the beach and wanted something modest and fashionable to wear? This cover up is versatile enough to be worn even on a day without a beach trip!

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

For this project, you will need a few tools that are fairly common:

  • An Iron
  • A Sewing Ruler (a normal ruler will work if you can't obtain a sewing ruler)
  • A Rotary Cutter*
  • A Rotary Mat (if scissors are used, a rotary mat is unnecessary, but a hard surface will be vital)
  • A Seam Ripper*
  • A T-Shirt
  • A Fabric or Colored Pencil (not pictured)

*This can be replaced by a pair of scissors, if need be.

Step 2: Iron Out the Wrinkles

Before drawing on or cutting your shirt, it will need to be free of wrinkles. If your shirt is already crease-less, you may skip to step 3.

Step 3: Remove the Sleeves

To convert your tee to a tank, you will need to remove the sleeves. Removing the sleeves by seam-ripping gives your tank somewhat of a cap-sleeve effect if your shirt is a bit too large, like mine.

Step 4: Measure and Graph

Next, you'll want to turn your shirt inside out, measure your shirt, and mark the bottom third. Mine was 24 inches from top to bottom, so I marked the bottom 8 inch mark by making a horizontal line around the shirt. After that, make horizontal lines downward every half inch toward the hem.

Step 5: Slash It Up

Lastly, you will want to cut along your vertical lines. Hemming your shirt is totally optional, and I chose not to because I am an amateur seamstress at best. However, if you want your shirt to last for a long time, hemming may be a good idea.

Step 6: Wear It Out

This shirt would be great to wear as a cover up, but where I live it is often too cold for swimsuits, covered or un, so I wore it with a pair of jean shorts. Overall, I really like this shirt and the fringe makes it stylish enough for me to wear out and about.



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