Hello instructables. this is my firt progect and I hope it satisfise everyone. I am makeing Om-nom (from cut the rope) speakers. I have found that these really improve the base of your songs but is still extremly portible.


The fist thing you'll need is of course your Om-nom. I found mine in my littles sisters happy meal after a trip to Burger King.
Second you will need a headphone jack that will plug into your electronic devises(Radio Shack). Third you will need a 8 ohm 0.5W speaker about the size of the little guy's face(Radio Shack).


You will as need a cordless drill with a small and slighty larger bit, a dremel with a bit as well, a lighter, a knife, a vise, and a soldering iron with solder.

Step 1: The Face

To remove the face simply hold the lit lighter under the om-nom's face until it starts to droop. (Make sure your in a well ventalated area like oustside) Then let it cool. after it cools go back outside and hold the lighter under the little guy until it turns black and a hole appears. WARNING: as the hole forms it may catch on fire extinguish immediately. after your hole forms let om-nom cool then pry the plastic away from the body.
Cool! But I can't get an omnom anywhere!?! I can't find any at Burger King? Where else can u get one?
Firstly, Welcome to Instructables and well done for posting a project. I like the character that you've chosen for your speaker &quot;Cabinet&quot;. <br> <br>I would advise that for future projects, you prepare your text in advance and run a spell check, or get someone else to proof read it. Well prepared text is much easier to read. <br> <br>I would point out that removing the &quot;Face&quot; by setting fire to it seems a little redundant and rather dangerous.

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