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Introduction: Simple Orange Sun Hat

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This is a very easy hat to crochet. It's meant to be a sun hat, but you could really wear it for any season. My older daughter has one, and says it isn't too hot in the summer.  It would be really perfect on cool but sunny spring and fall days. 

You need: 
Yarn. (I used one skein of RED HEART orange yarn. It was enough for two hats, plus leftovers. 
Crochet hook. (I used size J)  

you could also use rafia yarn, for a summer staw hat. (if you can find it) 

Basically, you start by making a circle, and stop when you get to the diameter of the head. Then you make it into a cylinder  until you get the correct hight. Then, make the brim. Check the pictures for more detailed instructions.

You can make a chin strap, if your young one doesn't like to wear hats.  Very easy project. I made two in one day. This kids like them, and they get lots of compliments.   

This hat is a lot of fun. You can change the appearance by bending the brim up or down. Gives you lots of options. 
The hardest part is to try to take their pictures before they get the hats off!  :)



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    the hat is very useful… but I simply love the first picture of this instructable : this great photography ! … 

    I love your hats:D! I'll try this pattern for myself;))

    2 replies

    i will as soon as i'll do it:D!

    Very cute. You look like you have your hands full. I can only guess you do your crocheting at 4:00 a.m. =)

    There are some instructables employees who could have used some slightly larger versions of these at Maker Faire. A lot of cranial sunburning took place. And these are adorable (and match the robot t-shirts very nicely.)

    1 reply

    thank you. you can whip up some bigger ones for next years faire. :)