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My original intent for this project was to supply an audio input to feed homemade oscilloscopes,but in reality there are lots of fun things to do with a simple audio amplifier.   This project is very "loose" meaning that  although I have a nice selection of components and a decent knowledge of how they work......... I'm the hack.   At best I have the knowledge and skills to stay safe, even though I mess around with automotive coils and CRT flyback transformers and massive Capacitors.
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Step 1:

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This project is also "loose" because If I were to give a step by step instruct-able .... chances are you wouldn't be able to find the exact parts that I list but It doesn't matter. This is just a guide.                 This picture shows a "Cool Cube" .  I bought about 15 of them at a Store called "Princess Auto" which I think must be Canadian only.   They do online orders so that might be an option.

Step 2:

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Another pic of the "cool cube"  It's intended to be an incandescent lamp powered by 4 AA batteries. It has a switch on the bottom that is turned on by pushing the cube down.   The fact that it has a holder for 4 AA batteries made it perfect for many of my projects. I'll post more pictures but I'll try to shut up about it cause it's not necessary for this project.

Step 3:

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The most important thing you need is a cheap pair of amplified PC speakers.  I paid $10 for a pair of "Kinyo" ? speakers and detached the power/input/output wires.   The amplifier is an AC powered 6 watt stereo amplifier.
Some items you need.           Wire strippers ( the automatic kind to the lower right are fantastic !)   various crimps/marrettes . binding posts, bananna plugs, wire snips,a drill and various drill bits. Dremel multitool/bits.  Third hand is very useful.

Step 4:

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Here are some banana plug test leads I made that work well for many uses. also see some of the varied posts.
I have an old set of speakers that had batteries in them as well as AC. Glued them together & have been using them as a test amp for years. Just made a 3.5mm stereo female to gater clips adaptor for input. Why did you choose to put the amp in a different case? 'Structable is well done & good pix.
Homepwner (author)  Lectric Wizard3 years ago
Hey thanks! it's my first one. The "cool cubes" are a 4AA powered incandescent bulb portable light that I've seen in "princess auto" and passed by a million times, before realizing what a great project box they make! They have a microswitch in the bottom and the other 3 nubs are spring loaded so to turn it on/off you just push on it. so far I've made 4 nightlights by using 1-2 ultrabright LED's powered by 2 AA's, I made a 4AA powered LM317 variable voltage regulator and thought it only made sense (since I didn't want the speakers) to have one nice clean and neat looking "box" to do the job. I just bought another 10 of these things for $9.90. I want to make them modular so I can make future sound/light/servo drives/motor speed controllers etc. that can be connected together.... Legotronics :)