Simple PSP Consol and Game Holder by Bannana Inventor




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Introduction: Simple PSP Consol and Game Holder by Bannana Inventor

This is a holder for your psp and 3 games psp games this very simple to make.

Please enjoy!!! :D

Step 1: Building.

These are the major pieces of the holder, build them as shown.

Step 2: Connecting and Supporting.

Connect the pieces as shown don't forget the yellow/dark gray rods.

Step 3: Connecting Psp Holder.

Connect the psp holder as shown. Now you are done!!!

Thank you for building this and don't forget to rate and comment!



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    thats just a regular PSP, I'd like to say 3000.

    hey this is pretty cool xD nice job!

    Why Everything needs to be from a Knex? I don't have these!

    good idea. but to make it better u could extend the game holding section so that way u could hold more games. i made mine to hold all six games that i have.

    thanks this was great- nice, simple and effective

    i just made this new awsome psp dock u should se it

    hey bannana inventor, i found a better way to position it. Make the area that you would put your games in to facing u, and, the red part that the psp would normally sit on, it would lean on it, like a back rest :) good job mate, 5 stars!

    instead of the game cases, make a umd holder to fit in there that way it will hold more games/videos. 5/5 stars

    wouldn't it be kool if someone made a "shell" or outer casing for a PSP. I mean so it would still be usable while inside the "shell"?

    the psp holder is not really doesnt hold it, just lets it sit.

    4 replies

    u have 2 slide in the psp on mine. but its really supportive

    otherwise, the game holder is a good idea. didnt think of that when i made mine.{ no instructable yet}

    2 replies

    with mine, u have 2 slide in the psp but it holds. it can also be used as an arcade style holder