Ok, this is so simple it's almost stupid... Fist go to Home Depot and pick up two (2) Brushed Nickel Heavy-Duty Shelf and Rod Bracket, part number LB-14-8150A, they are made by Lido Designs. They are less than 8 bucks each. Also, you will need a piece of galvanized pipe from plumbing (1/2") Take the brackets and drive them into the studs, making sure that they are level. I got a piece of wood from the scrap pile and used it as the shelf. So far so good.. But I could not find the hooks that I wanted anywhere! I wanted an eye bolt with a hook on the other end.. (grrr I might have to make them)

I found the hooks at the Container Store, they will work for know until I make some of my own.

Addendum 4/9/2017: The hooks from the Container Store have been discontinued. But Metal Shower Curtin Hooks (any store) work fabulously. One day I will make my own!! LOL ;)

<p>How much weight do you think this can hold?</p>
<p>Don't really know but all the pans up there are Calphalon! Just be damn sure that you are in the studs!!! LOL more than 100lbs</p>

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