OK, this is my first instructable, so please be nice . . .:)

I know others have created templates, and wizz-bang examples, but after looking through what I can only class as three quaters of the internet, less all the PORN, I was unable to find a quick, easy, simple, no hassle, way to do it. So, I created my own!

This is a simple 8 step sequence, no measuring (other than by your guestimate with your eyes), no lines with fold here, crimp this bit, wipe your tongue along here and staple you eyelid at thispoint.

It is a simple fold here, here, here, here, here and put this in here. Done.

You will need a CD or DVD (probably the one you wanta  case for)
An A4 piece of paper. (I have not done this with a letter size, as A4 is the standard here in Australia) Another reason why I cannot find a good example.

I do apologise for the pics, they were taken with my phone, as this was an on the spur decision to make the instructable.

So let's have a look . . .

Step 1: Get You Gear - Start to Fold

OK, you have your piece of A4 paper and a disc. You are ready (Easy so far eh?)

Place disc roughly in the centre of the paper.

Take one of the long sides and fold in until the paper is roughly touching the second shiny ring. Check out the pic to see where it shoudl roughly be.

Run finger along the edge to make a nice neat fold and rotate the paper in preparation for the next step.

Don't get ahead now . . .
<p>thanks.</p><div>and with this <a href="http://www.ronyasoft.com/products/cd-dvd-label-maker/en/" rel="nofollow">program</a> you can create a design for this case :-)<br></div>
<p>Thanks for posting! I saw this on a &quot;lifehacks&quot; site and I couldn't remember the site name. this really helped thanks :)</p>

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