Picture of Simple Paracord Bracelet
A very simple paracord bracelet, which you can add beads or jewelry to it.

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
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550 paracord
You need about 1'4"
Gomex191 year ago

why waste 6" of paracord? the point of paracord is to be able to make a braclet/backpack/belt etc- not just be 4" but hold 4'...

Blechmen (author)  Gomex191 year ago

so I'm not gonna make the same think every time so I wanted to change it up. and the point of paracord is to use as rope, not bracelets people have just found good ways to make that rope wearable in a bracelet, it serves the same purpose as the other one's. even though it does not hold the same amount.