Picture of Simple Paracord Ring
If you are anything like me, you love to make things out of Paracord, but hate to waist anything.
This simple (if over worked) Instructable (my first) should show you how you can use those annoying bits or Paracord that are often left at the end of making just about anything, but are to short to be of any use.

These rings are purely decorative, you wont see them getting Bear Grylls out of a tight spot anytime soon.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
MicheleP138 days ago

I am fire challenged. How do I get it hot enough to melt but not hot enough to char the side where the flame catches it?

cool123cool3 months ago
Paracord cool!
syiel.cordell6 months ago
This was one of the easiest things i've ever made with paracord.
KCBCHSV1 year ago

thank you for the shirts and stuff

Malkenite1 year ago

I have been sporting a paracord ring for almost 8 years now. On my second one because I lost too much weight and the first one went down the drain in a shower....

DaggerTA1 year ago
This looks so easy
Smurfy923 years ago
Hmm, buy that lighter, or the paracord, decisions...
Codus3 years ago
Where did you get that lighter? It is brilliant, and I want.
P.S. Nice instructable! :D
clintonmc (author)  Codus3 years ago
lol Thanks, its actually my second one ironicly the first was stolen, anyway I bought it at a shop that sells "alternative" cards and small gifts, its a chain called "scribbler", but if you are outside the uk that probably isn't much use to you.
Plo Koon3 years ago
"molten paracord can be painful" is a gross understatement. i have hurt myself 2 times on it, and each time it left burned pits in my skin, even after cold water. both are still healing. =(
clintonmc (author)  Plo Koon3 years ago
I hope it wasn't as a result of this 'ible, I've been pretty lucky and only had a few minor burns.
Ehm... the German flag is Black-Red-Yellow.
The colours are right, but what you did is the Belgium flag ;)
clintonmc (author)  lolmaster20003 years ago
Fair point, should have checked that. :)
oud253 years ago
i made a few of these before i saw your post and you did a better job than i did
but i love doing it in black para because it looks like a carbonfiber ring
unclex64 years ago
dont you mean like. you put "lie" ={)
timothymh5 years ago
 Great instructable, but you should check all your spelling before posting.
good job! and you actually only made lie 2-3 mistakes, so good job!

(Nice ible ;)
He probably could use this for something...
If only to pee on it XD
Eugh. I still can't get over how he drank his own urine. I can stand camel's innards. Goats genitalia. Skunk.

But not his own urine.
nickodemus5 years ago
Nicely done! And easily adapted to bracelets as well!
bumpus5 years ago
Great pictures! :D