This is super easy and chic! Now you can make a pencil skirt anytime you want and it will costume fit you! It is simple and can be made in any fabric you want! Love the many many outcomes. 

I prefer making this from a sturdy stretchy fabric so there is no need for a zipper! But, any fabric can really be used. The stretchier, the take a little more fabric in than usual so it is tight. Enjoy :) 

Step 1: Measurements and Mark

1. Measure in inches your:natural waist lower waist/or love handle area (not that anyone has them!) hip/booty area length of top of hips to bottom of hipshow tight you want it around your knees length from natural waist to knees

2. Add an inch to your natural waist, lower waist, booty, knees measurements then divide by 2EX. if you have a 28 inch waist + add 1 inch = 29 inches, then divide by 2 = 14.5 inches

3. Take a piece of stretchy or non stretchy fabric fold in half - make sure that it is within the longest width and length of your pencil skirt's measurement.

4. take a fabric marker or pins and mark the center of the fabric when folded- the first picture below is folded and marked down the middle!

5. Take all new measurements (EX. 14.5 inches) and center them evenly down the center of the folded fabric in their appropriate places - MARK!!! Just like the first picture shows! if you want to add a little bit extra just in case, that is wise because it can always be taken in! Make sure to account for the length of your hips and the length from your natural waist to the top of the hips. Tapper from the bottom of the hips to the knees.
<p>i made this and it fits great! </p>
I needed to make a quick skirt for a halloween costume, and I needed a little jumpstart to get started. This worked very well!
Glad you joined in on this competition C&amp;C. I've been a fan of your tuts for awhile now.
Thanks!! Your skirt is adorable!

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