Simple Pencil Stand





Introduction: Simple Pencil Stand

Recently, I customized a pencil for a co-worker. When he went to display it, it didn't sit right by itself. He tried to make something out of a paper clip that just didn't do the trick. So I used a piece of card stock from the lid of a donut box and a pair of scissors to make a nice little stand for it.

Step 1: Fold and Cut

Take a piece of card stock and fold it with the nice side on the inside. Then cut your stand shape as pictured in the second picture.

At the base of the "V" notch, with the card stock still folded over, make two vertical cuts right next to each other to create a single wide cut.

Cut a rectangle piece of card stock for the cross member and make a cut about a 1/4 inch in from each end. (see the last image) This piece should be long enough to hold the stand open at about a 60 to 75 degree angle.

Step 2: Assemble

Place the cross brace cuts into the cuts at the "V" notch.

Step 3: Done! Ready to Display

Not take your pencil, laser pointer, pen, etc... and display for all your office friends to admire.



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    i have 40 pencel pots and its £5 for 1 now i can stop wasting a lot of money


    I can see how you might think that from the picture. But that isn't my cube. My cube is currently solved. The cube in the picture belongs to my co-worker for whom I made the pencil holder. :-)

    Your co-worker should solve their cube. It distresses me.


    I understand. But it is his cube and I don't think he knows how to solve it. He is a project manager. He should work up a plan, get a team together, have some meetings, execute the plan, have some more meetings, check the status of the project, etc.... ;-)

    Hah! I was just about to comment that I solved my rubik's cube only a few minutes before checking out your instructable! I was in the middle of thinking that it might be too off-topic, but lots of people have already beat me to it :P BTW, I bought a whole box of those pencils. The lead is really long, as if it never runs out. My piano teacher used to use these for making marks on students' pages.

    Lol, yeah. I just imagined someone solving a cube like that.


    I added something to the pencil that was not factory original. The person I gave this to was the project manager on a project that I was involved with. At the end of the project, each team member got a nifty pen with the project name on it. But the project manager did not get one. For the second revision of the project, I added the project name to a pencil for him. So, my customization was printing a label and sticking to a very cheap pencil. He was very pleased with his pencil.