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Introduction: Simple Pet Treats

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It is very simple and needs only 2 ingredients and about 15 min or less. It might be a little bland for your pet so you can hide a little treat in it or put some peanut butter and some other things that are safe for your pets. All pets can eat it and you can too. But it wouldn't be nice for you though... You can make it in your own special way. Ingredients: Flour, water. (Can add more)

Step 1: Mix It!

Take some flour and water and just mix it. It should look something like this.

Step 2: Create Shape

Once you mixed it, you can use a spoon or your hands to mould it into the shape you like. I advice you to use a spoon as it'll be sticky.

Step 3: Oven Time!

Put it on aluminum foil or a tray and put it in an oven or a microwave. It will just take 50 seconds and then, it'll be ready.

Step 4: It's Done!

It would be hot so wait for it to cool down and slowly peel each off the aluminum foil slowly.



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    4 Discussions

    Hmm tin foil in a microwave? That seems VERY dangerous. You might probably just want to put it in a baking trays with parchment paper.

    White flour is not good for dogs this is not a good treat sorry.

    Wheat isn't particularly healthy for most pets, especially cats. Probably a bad choice for fish and reptiles too.

    foil and microwave..?