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Phone holder is very usefull!. For me watch the film, reading something and hear a music!

The problem is, the phone holder is quite expensive! not to expensive, but You can Make The Phone Holder by yourself for Free!

We just need one cassette case, And Easy to make the phone holder.

Ok lets make it!

Step 1: You Just Follow the Video Instruction

Its the easy way to make The phone holder!

thanks for look my work and thanks for watching


imerrymary (author)2016-04-22

I like this! I have several of these cases and I can use one on my desk and show off some photos on my phone at the same time. I like that you still have access to the screen and because it's small and clear, it doesn't look cluttered. Thanks!

balsuryana (author)imerrymary2016-04-23

great idea! thanks for look my works!

Magzzee (author)2016-04-23

Great idea, thanks!

balsuryana (author)Magzzee2016-04-23

yes, thank you

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Bio: I love writing, I make video in MY UPLOADED VIDEOS channel in Youtube for my instruction, and i love making something.
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