Simple Phone Stand


Introduction: Simple Phone Stand

A few years ago, I received a nice phone stand to be used on a desk or countertop. It was made from two pieces of wood and could be taken apart. It also had a nice laser-cut design on it, similar to the ones that can be found here. So I decided to make my own from some material that I had in my workshop.

Step 1: Materials

I installed some wood blinds in my kitchen a few years ago. As part of the installation, I had the option of removing some of the extra slats. I have about 10 of theses slats. The each measure 41-1/2" x 2" x 1/8". For the phone stand, you only need a little more than 10" of the slat. You could also use some thin plywood like the kind that can be found at a craft supply store.

Step 2: Cut List

The base of the stand measures 4-1/4" long.

The upright part of the stand measures 6-1/4" long.

I used my Rockwell Bladerunner table saw to make the cuts. You could also use a bandsaw or other type of saw.

Step 3: The Slots

The two pieces link together with a couple of slots.

The slot for the base of the stand measures 1" up from the bottom of the stock, cutting halfway across the width. The slot is approx. 3/16" wide.

The slot for the upright part of the stand measures 1-1/2" up from the bottom of the stock, cutting halfway across the width. The slot is approx. 3/16" wide.

I just made a few passes with the saw to make the slots.

Step 4: Assembly

The two pieces should link together at the slots. Depending on the quality of your saw and the material you are using, you could also sand and stain/paint your phone stand.

I like the design because it is simple, it doesn't require a lot of tools or materials, and it can easily collapse if I want to throw it in my backpack or desk. It also can be built in just a few minutes.

Thanks and happy building!



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    Did this from an old broken wood ruler


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