Often when making instructables, the need to photograph small objects arises. This implement helps out, it makes for a softer background than a desk or table. Thus, better photos.

The total cost is under $2, but most of the materials can be found around the house. It's small enough to fit in a desk, so now you can publish all of those "Office Weapons" instructables on location - at the office.

Now, let's get to it.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

You'll need the following:
  • A coat hanger
  • Paperclips (not pictured)
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers, preferably two
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Electrical tape (optional)

Step 2: Prepping

Cut the hook off of the coat hanger, so we can start bending. It may take a bit of strength.

Step 3: Straightening

Straighten out the majority of the hanger, but leave the end bent, we'll cut this off later anyways.

Step 4: The Initial Bend

Try to find the relative middle of the wire, it doesn't need to be exact. Measure out about 7 inches, or a little less than the width of your paper. Mark it with a pen, or just guesstimate. Then bend both sides.

Step 5: More Bending

Mark one inch from each bend just made. Then bend these straight up, it should look like the second picture when you're done.

Step 6: Bending "Eye" Hooks

From the point we just bent, measure 5 inches, or half the length of your paper. At the five inch mark, start bending a "U" shape, and clip the end off, like the second and third photos. Repeat this for both sides. Don't close it all the way yet.

Step 7: Adding Clips

Slide a paperclip onto the hook, then pinch the hook closed. Make sure the paperclip won't slide off. Repeat on the other side.

Step 8: Finished!

Just attach a piece of paper with the paperclips, and finished. You can add some electric tape to the corners that touch the surface, for a little grip. Mine already came with a coating, so I didn't do that.

Hoped you liked my instructable, and upload a photo of yours if you make one.
Clever! I like the paperclip idea. That's original. :)
I like it, it is simple and I was able to replicate the stand easily. Thank you for a complete instructable with plenty of photos.
That paperclip is out of focus!&nbsp; No stars ;-)<br /> <br /> LOL - now you need an equally-simple lighting rig.<br />
I thought everything was automatically focused since I became pro?<br /> :-)<br /> I used an auto-focus camera, obviously it doesn't do it well. And thanks for the idea, a couple of LED's on the top corners would work quite nicely for that purpose...<br /> I need to try it.<br />
Some things just confuse auto-focus.<br /> <br /> When I find that, I focus on an object the distance away, hold the focus and then move back to my real subject.<br />
That's what my hand is for. ;P<br /> <br /> To nickodemus; if you can manually change the f stop, try reducing it so you can get a broader field of focus.<br />
F stop? Is that for cutting off the flash?<br />
It adjusts the shutter size, letting more or less light in. It also lets you control the depth of focus, so instead of having all the objects ~20cm from lens in focus, you can have everything from 10cm - 50m in focus.<br />
<br /> &nbsp;Sounds too complicated. I'm just gonna start looking for a better camera.<br />
Or use Kiteman's idea. On my camera it's just pressing the up button, but it's probably different on most others.
I actually tried that before I read this... {shrug} I think a camera without auto focus would be a good investment.<br />
Gee, great Instructable! I always wondered how to make the background on the pictures all white...<br /> <br /> ...I never realized that it was so simple! Pretty professional looking... =)<br /> <br /> I am going to use this for my next Instructable...
This Instructable really need to be featured!&nbsp;
:-) Hurry, someone tell the admins! Naw, I don't think it will get featured anytime soon, unless I can take some better pictures. But, 300 views in one day <em>without</em> being featured, apparently people like it.<br />
Wait, I take that back... Try going to the second RECENT page, it has the feature banner on it, but it doesn't show up under the Featured category... Or on my &quot;You&quot; page. Bug? Maybe, I'll wait and see if it turns up in the Feature bin.<br />
Nice job! just needs a little bit more light for the pictures, but the project is brilliant!<br /> <br /> I'm glad I gave the three months of pro to you. :D<br />
Thanks!<br />

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