Hello everyone! In this instructable i'll be showing you how to build a pistol crossbow without the use of expensive machinery.  The design is very simple and basic, so feel free to make any changes or variations. This tutorial is mostly focused on the crossbow body, and the trigger mechanism works extremely well. I am not going to include a tutorial for the prod because i am not good enough at making them to be teaching others :p. Here is the list of items i needed to make this crossbow, but you can change the size of the wood to your personal preference. 

-Some bolts and nuts
-1/2 inch pressure board (or ply wood)
-8 mm pressure board (basically a thinner wood)
-Small screws
-Small springs (not required, but makes the trigger mechanism so much better)
-White glue
-Super glue
-Sandpaper (optional)
-File (highly recommended but optional)

Step 1: Step 1: Drawing and Sawing the Body Pieces.

Measure and draw the basic shape of the pistol crossbow on the thick ply wood. You can change the design, but i designed it like this for the sake of simplicity and because I only have a old handsaw. Cut out the body piece twice. I have included the dimensions in the picture.
<p>Where do you get the springs....?</p>
<p>Finally a project with cm instead of inches. Nice one!</p>
<p>I love this DIY project. but i was wondering if you could help me out with step four just a ittle bit</p>
<p>how long is the prod before u bent it?</p>
<p>very good job my frend </p>
very interesting read. How much distance do you get and how much penetration ? What kind and size of bolts are you firing? I believe the part you are calling a prod is called a limber or at least that is what Barnett calls them
Prod is the correct term for the bow regardless of what Barnett chooses to call them.
a little research and it appears that you are correct, I apologize, I have only had barnett crossbows so I guess my knowledge has been more limited than I thought. When I need a new bendy thingy for my crossbow I went to barnett and searched all kinds of keywords, head, bow etc, it wasn't until I looked at a parts list that I found they called what I was looking for a &quot;limber&quot;. Being an amateur philologist I was happy to have another word to throw around, now thanks to you I have expanded my vocabulary once again
Sorry for taking too long to reply, it was because instructables wouldn't let me. The limbs have about 20 pounds of draw weight, and is not that powerful so i recommend that you use your own limbs if you want to make the crossbow more powerful. The crossbow can shoot all kinds of projectiles, and it can shoot a pencil halfway into a cardboard box from about 3 meters away. Thanks for viewing my instructable!

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