This is an extremely simple project doable by pretty much anyone with some simple tools and a spare afternoon.

I needed a way to tidy up my planters on the patio, keeping them sheltered from the strong wind we get here as much as possible and keeping them from blocking out each others sunlight.

you will need-
Decking screws,
measuring tape, pencil etc

Step 1: Preparation

Get some wood planks, I used some treated wood from the local DIY store but old pallets would work well for this. I had one 150mmx20mm plank, and some 50mmx20mm battens.

The design is based on a 3-4-5 right angle triangle which simplifies the math for the design. The planters are 200mm tall, and about the same depth at the top, the bottoms are about 150mm deep. I needed room for 4 so the ladder would need to be at least 800mm high, so it would be 600mm deep, and the longest side of the planks needs to be at least 1000mm. I cut them slightly longer to give a bit of room at the top, the plank is 2100mm long which is perfect.

To calculate the angle to cut use the 3-4-5 triangle to mark the shape on the plank at the centre and saw at the plank to give 2 equal lengths.
<p>Excellent idea. I plan to grow strawberries in it.</p>
I saw one similar to this BUT I would have to make actual steps cut Into the wood. I like yours better less cutting. Thanks great Instructable...
i made one from your pictures. it became good. solid and stabile. thank you. :-)
cool, did you take any photos? I'd love to see it.
yes. :-) Not a complete copy, i just went ahead and started building.. i hope you can see a picture... the picture part of this comment system seems a bit slow.
Very decorative.
pretty! I like the cascade of plants.
Awesome job - this looks really nice! :)

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