Simple Poached Egg





Introduction: Simple Poached Egg

Just an easy way to make poached eggs

The short form...
1) Boil water*
2) Put an desired amount of eggs into boiling water
3)leave eggs in the boiling water for 4 mins
4) take off the shell and wash to make sure all shell is off
5) Spice with salt, pepper, anything you want
6) Eat!!!**

*= If you fail at cooking, stop here and ask an adult for help. Lol.
**= If you made this correctly, once you take the shell off the whites are solid but the insides should still be runny. This means that the egg is still partially raw, consume with caution. Advisory that elder people, young children or pregnant women should not consume due to weakened immune systems....



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    You should probably change your title. What you are describing is a "soft-boiled" egg, not a poached egg. In the US, (but not in the UK, I believe) it may also be called a "coddled" egg.

    True poached eggs are shelled before cooking and then cooked in a mold placed in hot liquid, or the shelled eggs are placed directly in the liquid.