Simple Portable Helping Hands For Soldering

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These helping hands are so simple they don't need a step by step. They fold flat for portability. All you need is some stiff wire (and cutters), two crocodile clips, some solder and a soldering iron.

One long(ish) piece of the wire forms the body and one arm. Make a small spiral at one end for it to stand on. On the other end, open up the flaps of one crocodile clip, solder it on, and close the flaps.

For the other arm(s), take a short length of wire, attach a crocodile clip to one end in the same way as before, and solder the other end onto the body.

It can now hold a PCB, or two wires/components to solder with. It can "lean" forwards or backwards to balance for the weight of its load.

It can be easily reshaped, to a completely flat portable form, or to hold a variety of things.

Apologies for the fact that the pictures of it in use are not as good quality as the first 3 - the in-use ones were taken with my webcam.
wunjo3 years ago
Nice and easy, but I would add some weight on the leg
zazenergy3 years ago
Thanks for sharing! It would be nice to see some pictures of this holding a PCB to get an idea of how well it holds up.
H4ZZ498 (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
Okay - I'll take one now :-)