Simple Preserved Lemons





Introduction: Simple Preserved Lemons

Tired of not being able to eat your lemons skin and all?
Would you like to know how to create your own preserved lemons?
well its very simple

Step 1: Equipment & Ingredients

For this project you will need:

3-4 Lemons (Cleaned)
3-4 Tablespoons of sea salt
1 Sterilized glass jar
Bay leaves / lemon leaves (These are optional)
1 Knife
1 Chopping board

Step 2: Putting Salt in the Jar

Put about 2 table spoons of sea salt in the base of the jar

Step 3: Packing the Jar

1. Slice up a lemon into quarters or smaller if you have a large lemon.
2. Force the quarters into the jar.
3. Place a few leaves in between lemons.
4. And repeat until the jar is full

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now the Jar is filled put another tablespoon or so of sea salt in the jar.
Place a leaf on top if you want.
Now close the lid very tight .

Step 5: Your Done

So now your done the liquid within the lemon should start to leave
the lemons and go into the jar this dissolves the salt.
It will take about 3 weeks until your preserved will be lemon ready.

before using your preserved lemon wash it in water to remove excess salt



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    If you guys want a sweet version that you can eat alone use a table spoon of salt and replace the rest with sugar. (not exactly preserved but tasty)

    If you boil it in a jar and keep it in the fridge for 2 weeks the peel becomes nice and soft. Put it into a dryer and eat it like candy. (been doing for a few months now)

    exactly how do u put it into a dryer? im only fourteen and rather dryerless and i get yelled at enough without ruining my moms dryer.

    I think he means a food dryer, not a clothes dryer.

    "eww, mine are all linty" jk

    btw, a good way to dry fruit is to put them on a fan for a few days.

    put them in a wooden packing crate on racks with a 100 w globe on all the time and a hair dryer on a timer (on for 15 min in the hour)so as not to destroy the hairdrier and cover with net curtain to keep out insects.

    sounds like a good setup.