Step 2: Isolating & Removing the Motor & Plate Assembly From Old CD-ROM Drive

Ok Here i have marked the plate in red permanent marker (fine-tip) and ready for cutting.... I should mention that i use a lot of 'Guesstimation' and usually use a metal ruler often to check roughly if everything will fit into the design i have in my head...

Next Step = Use the dremel to cut the plate (i used stone cutting discs, cheaply bought in those 400 pieces assortment kit pack for £10, i bought two of them so got a nice 800 piece assorted accessories pack nice and cheap when it was on sale from maplin !)

another easy way to get bidirectional motor operation is to use a dpdt (double pole, double throw) switch. you can use it to basically make a mechanical Hbridge. <br>then just add a pushbutton inline as an &quot;enable&quot; switch.
AWESOME ! <br> <br>Many thanks mcrippper, i'll be using this method very soon, as whatever i make for my car, i make another for a friend so his fuel pump will be employing the DPDT switch ! <br> <br>Again many thanks !
You can drive the motor both ways with a single battery, but what you need is called an h-bridge circuit. This is a circuit that uses transistors to control current flow to the motor. It controls the amount of current and the currents direction across the winding which control speed and direction of the motor.<br>
A Major Thank you soshimo ! <br> <br>I cannot thank you enough, after all the time i spent looking for a way to solve my problem of just using one battery to power the pump for dual-direction motor spin, i also registered with a specialized electronic forum which was a complete waste of time because whoever got back to me on the forum wanted me to 'buy' the solution from them or whatever they advised me on made absolutely no sense! <br> <br>Again, a MAJOR thanks for the assist !! <br> <br>;-)
No problem at all, that's what we are all here for - to share. Forget those corporate monkeys who tried to &quot;sell&quot; you a solution. <br><br>By the way, to make your job easier there are several chips (many DIP for prototyping) available which will give you your H-Bridge circuit. Just drop in an IC and a couple of supporting components and you have a motor driver. Two are the SN754410NE and SN754410NE which are both Quad H-Bridge drivers that can control two DC motors in both directions or one stepper motor. <br><br>Normally applications using this chip show you how to use it with a microprocessor, but you can also supply +5vdc directly to the control pins (via your switch) to control the direction of the motor. <br><br>Check out this link: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2074<br><br>Happy Hacking!
The two chips are SN754410NE and L293D.
How soon do you think you can post the finished pump housing so it is fully finished and ready to pump? I've been looking for a small pump for a micro aquarium I just set up, I'd just have to change the fins to plastic and coat the shaft with glue to prevent rusting and it would be perfect.
Hi scottrevoman333 &amp; thanks for the interest!<br> <br> i think your use of this pump will be excellent for moving liquid in an aquarium, i also stumbled upon an article for how to waterproof motors (below) just in case you need to take steps to waterproof a motor to be used underwater...<br> <br> <a href="http://members.tripod.com/robomaniac_2001/id197.htm" rel="nofollow">How to waterproof a motor</a><br> <br> Unfortunately ive really-overdone-it the last 2 weeks and am paying for it now! resting at the moment as ive over-exerted myself and it'll take a good few days to recover! (advanced Arthritis doesnt help!) But i aim to have the housing for this pump finished within the next two weeks and ready for use to pump liquid of any sort (the waterproofing 'stuff' mentioned in the instructable like the liquid rubber for example, has excellent resistive properties to chemicals and &nbsp;water, if you like &amp; for peace of mind, the Plasti-Dip can be used to 'dunk' motors into to give a good waterproofing coating effectively !) but make sure you dont get any onto the motor shaft's bearing!<a href="http://members.tripod.com/robomaniac_2001/id197.htm" rel="nofollow">&nbsp;</a><br>
Nice bit of work there, but if I read it right it's not finished for moving liquid yet?<br> <br> L
Many thanks lemonie! <br> <br>Thats right, i made sure the title of this project made everyone aware of this!
Good work!
Many thanks - its most-appreciated !

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