About 5 years ago my wife brought home some big pumpkins and we decided to carve them. I wanted to do something real fun and I found a really elaborate spider web. I didn't have any pumpkin carving tools and this was going to require more than a kitchen knife so I looked around my shop to see what I could scrounge up and I ended up with a very good pumpkin carving tool. It doesn't require anything but a dowel and a coping saw blade. No glue is required. Now that I'm into authoring instructables and it's that time of year, I figured I'd share. Read on to learn how.

Tools Required:

  • Heavy wire cutters (don't use your favorite wire cutters though--you might damage them cutting the spring steel of a saw blade.)
  • Pliers
  • Vice (very handy but not absolutely necessary)

Materials Needed:

  • Coping Saw blade
  • Dowel or some other long slender piece of wood or plastic

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Step 1: Locate a coping saw blade.

You want a coping saw blade with big teeth.  Small teeth are used for cutting harder substances.  I had extra blades laying around for my coping saw but you may need to buy some.  Now if you have to go out and make a special trip to buy coping saw blades this tutorial may not save you any money but if you like to make your own stuff and have some blades laying around then it makes sense to make one from scratch.
Handy tool! Looks like it is great for doing some pretty nice details!