Ever looking to cool the kids off on a hot day, and you don't have a sprinkler, this is a great simple and fun project to do with the kids and to stay cool.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Gathering materials to make sprinkler.

double ended hose or hose coupling



2 liter soda bottle (diet coke works best) but any will do


Step 2: Cut

Take your knife make small slices around bottom of soda bottle. Be careful not to cut yourself, and try not to make slices to large, this is so the water will build up pressure and really rain down.

Step 3: Attach

Attach your double ended hose to hose and then to soda bottle. It is a nice fit to the bottle without making any adjustments.

Step 4: Let It Rain

Turn on water and have some fun :)
<p>nice :)</p>

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