Here are some no-pattern sewing instructions for a simple Renaissance shirt. I've used this basic pattern to make shirts of various shapes and sizes as a costumer for plays. It has been so useful that I wanted to share it with you!

(Photos from this step copyright of Michael Maloney.)

Step 1: Measurements

You will need:
-Nape of neck to middle of hips (or whatever length you want the shirt to be). We'll call this "Length Measurement". [pictured]
-Bone of shoulder to wristbone. We'll call this "Sleeve Measurement". [pictured]
-Around wrist
<p>I'm just learning to sew, and this was super helpful. This was my 1st real project, thanks so much my boy is ready for the Fair this weekend!!!</p>
<p>Aww, very cute! Congratulations, that looks amazing!</p>
<p>Hello, can you tell me what kind of fabric you used for the above shirts? I'm new to sewing and still learning the basics. Thank you!</p>
<p>These were linen, I think&ndash; but it's not super comfortable and it ravels pretty badly when you're trying to sew it. Soft cotton is better (though pro tip: make sure it's not see-through thin before you buy). You can always ask a fabric store clerk for recommendations!</p><p>Good luck, and send photos!</p>
Thanks a lot! That's great!
I turned a basic version of this shirt out over last night and today in just a few hours and I have to say that it's a fantastic pattern that is so easy to make and looks so good. My friend wore his to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today and he was thrilled! It's not perfect but it did the job and everyone was impressed that I had made it. I was a bit confused about where along the length to place the bust, waist, and hip measurement at first but figured it out!! Thanks for sharing a great instructable!!
Glad you liked it! <br />Yeah, the profile is definitely the hardest part. It's easiest if you/your friend lays down on the fabric so you can get an idea of proportions. <br />Pics, please?
Sorry Selkey that it's taken me a bit to get back, but here is a pic of him in his shirt. I made the tights quickly too but the shirt definitely got all the attention! Thanks again for a great instructable!
Oh, that looks great!
In the introduction image, swap out the rapier for a lightsabre, and you have a perfect &quot;Young Luke Skywalker&quot; costume!
+1 <br>You are spot on there Kiteman, when I first saw the picture I thought it was a Star Wars costume :-)
Agreed. <br> <br>&quot;I've used this basic pattern to make shirts of various shapes and sizes as a costumer for plays&quot; <br> <br>Multi-purpose, and multi-genre! Now you have a few more uses to consider...intentional or not, this is great - many kudos SelkeyMoonbeam.

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