Simple Resume





Introduction: Simple Resume

We are high school students At the Workshop School working on a simple resume.

Step 1: Decide the Purpose

You need to figure out the purpose of your resume

Step 2: Experience

Make a list of all the jobs or experiences you have ever had.

Step 3: Extra-Curriculars

Make a list of any activities you have done outside of school or in the community

Step 4: Skills

Brainstorm things that you know how to do

Step 5: Go to the Word Document Gallery to Format Your Resume

Open up Micrsoft Word

Choose a resume Template you like

Step 6: Add Your Own Information

Translate your own information into the template

Step 7: Revise

Get someone else to look at your resume



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Not a comment on the tips or advice in this instructable, but I sure hope that the two filled-out resumes you posted are using fake information rather than real addresses, phone numbers, and emails...

Great 'ible, and thanks for including step 7: it's a good reminder to get someone else to take a look at my resume!