Achieving a simple retro-style look with liquid eyeliner may seem difficult, but when broken down into smaller steps, I can show you how quick and easy it really is. This type of eye makeup can be worn for a daytime look when paired down with pink cheeks and a neutral lip, or dressed up for a dramatic nighttime look with bold eyebrows and a full red lip. I will also include some advice about my personal product preferences within the step the product pertains to. As a college kid, I look for good products on a budget, so everything I recommend is completely affordable. Keep in mind, also, that my makeup mantra is the less stuff you have to put on your face to look good, the better, so it truly is a minimalistic effort towards a retro-glam look.

Step 1: Start With a Clean, Moisturized Eye

You want to make sure before putting on any eye makeup, that your skin is clean and that you have applied some sort of moisturizing eye cream. This is important for a few reasons; the eye cream will keep the skin around your eyes from becoming dry, it will help maintain a healthy lash line, it will allow for a smoother, more fluid application of the the liquid liner, and it will moisturize lashes for easier mascara application (avoiding a clumpy, or spidery look). I recommend using Equate's eye cream because it works like it costs a fortune, but is actually really inexpensive and can be found in any Wal-Mart and most Walgreen's. 
I'm one of those unfortunate people that gets liquid eyeliner in my eye and on my contacts every time I try to use it. I think this is amazing, and I'm willing to practice to make it work. :)
I have terrible trouble with liquid liner, iv started using maybaline gel liner, it's amazing really lasts for me and doesn't irritate ?
Is that your eyes if it is they are gorgeous
Very cool
I never use eye liner because it always looks awful, i dont have good pulse so.... you can imagine. but you explain pretty well and looks even easy so I will definitely try it! =D
i have u 5 rating.. coz i didnot know about this step hehehe ... :) it was an awsome instructable..
Great tutorial... Love this. I don't really use liquid liners, but I will definitely try this!
Your eyes look stunning!&nbsp; I am terrible at doing the liquid eye liner.&nbsp; My hands must not be very steady, I usually make a mess of things.&nbsp; Your tutorial is very helpful and I really appreciate you stating exactly what products you're using.&nbsp; I will have to try the retro look and see if I can pull it off.<br> <br> Victoria Girard<br> Publisher, http://revealgreatskin.com<br>
Love the tip to keep the eyes open when drawing the flare. I have often tried to create this look with eye pencil and on top of it not looking crisp, I have a tendency to pull the lid taught, which then leads to uneven "flares" <br /><br />GREAT tips! Can't wait to do this tomorrow morning!

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