Step 10: Paint the Desk Top

If you've already painted the desk top, skip this step.  You're done!  Go and put stuff on it and enjoy your new desk.

I decided to paint the desk top after mounting it.  I first masked along the wall to prevent paint from getting where it shouldn't be (ie. the freshly painted walls.)  Then I applied two coats of the finest door and trim paint they had at the hardware store.  Apparently it's enhanced with urethane or something.  As long as it's sturdy and can resist wear I'm happy!

Wait a while before putting anything on the desk.  Often the paint feels dry to the touch, but is still wet underneath.  Setting something heavy on the paint before it is dry may result in permanent marks.

Well that's pretty much it!  The entire construction of the desk as pictured took about two days of work (16 hours), including painting.  It's solid as a rock, supports a ton of weight, and ended up costing only about $120 including the paint. 
Great idea!!! I did the same thing a few years ago out of welded steel and it's awesome. The amount of leg room makes you realize how much you give up with the traditional desk setup. Great instructable!