Simple Rubber Band Bracelet





Introduction: Simple Rubber Band Bracelet

We will be making a very easy and quick simple rubber band bracelet.

Step 1: What You'll Need

1. You will need about 15 rubber bands of any color you like
2. Crazy loom or rainbow loom
3. Hook
4. 1 C or S clip

Step 2: Laying the Bands

Start with the arrows on your loom facing away from you. Take your first band, mine is blue, and put it on the first peg

Step 3:

Continue laying bands all the way up to the top of your loom.

Step 4: Looping the Bands

Turn your loom so the last band you placed is the closest one to you. (Mine is blue). Then you grab the second band (mine is yellow) with the hook and loop it over and place it on the third peg up.

Step 5:

Continue that all the way to the top.

Step 6:

Then take your C or S clip and clip it on the last band you looped.

Step 7: Finishing Your Bracelet

Then put your hook through the band with the clip on it and carefully pull your bracelet off the loom. Clip the bracelet together on the other side and your bracelet is complete!



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    Wow I love that color combination, they really pop. Quick and easy bracelet that look cute, nice job!