A constant problem for the safe disposal of the shaver. It must be protected from falling, not to mention the integrity of the cutting edge.

Step 1: Masticating

I suddenly had an idea

I cut a discarded copper faucet.

Because the neighbours are disturbed by noise
so I had to manually sawing.

Therefore, the cut was a half-heart-ed.

Step 2: Grinding, Polishing

i use drill
felt wheels + green polish

if not available, toothpaste also good


I would like to draw attention to the use of protective goggles!!!


Leather safety gloves!!!

Step 3: Paint and Possibly Ending Up With Resin

I want to stop the oxidation.

The tests show that the short-handled razor takes you safely.

The bottom bracket was even a small sponge, from mouse pad.

A felt-tip pen cap is pushed into it, to be protected with razor stems from scratches.

<p>drill<br>felt wheels<br>green polish<br>if not available, toothpaste also good</p>
<p>How did you polish the copper? Did you use sandpaper of something else?</p>
<p>nice application!</p>
<p>You should try with some magnets! </p>

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