My easiest Instructable yet. An easy airtight sawdust container with metal lid.

Step 1: Materials

One Queso Jar

A LOT of sawdust

Step 2: Why and How

Recently i had started cutting and drilling a lot of wood and sawdust was all over. i know different uses of sawdust (filling up holes for one) and decided to collect it and clean my work space some. For this you just have to peel off the label and collect the sawdust (keep sawdust sizes separate) Super easy and super helpful.

<p>how about a new instructable showing uses for the sawdust. I know my father used cardboard egg cartons and mixed wax with sawdust to make fire starters. I need more ideas.</p>
I'm kinda glad it was your &quot;Easiest instructable yet&quot;...
Really? REALLY? Storing sawdust in a jar warrants an Instructable?

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