Don't you like coming home to a nice, scented, candle lit room? Well, you can have that amazing feeling everyday with a quick, easy, microwave candle. Make your own personalized candle right in the comfort of your home. We're going to take you through the instructions for this easy candle adapted from doityourself.com. Let's get started!
Prior to starting this project we would like to inform of you of the safety hazards that could occur. Please take precaution, as you will be handling hot objects such as wax. Thank you!

Tools Needed:

  • Microwave (we used a 1,000 watt kitchen microwave)
    • Tip: Using a lower watt microwave may result in longer melting time
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Pot holder or hand towel
  • Midsize Jar (we used a 16 oz jar)
  • Spoon to stir
  • Lighter


  • 16 oz Soy wax flakes
  • 1 oz Scented oil
  • Food coloring
  • 1 Tabbed Wick

Step 1: Begin Melting Wax

  • Fill microwave safe bowl with wax flakes
  • Microwave for 6 minutes
  • CAUTION: bowl will be HOT! Use a hand towel or pot holder to remove.
<p>Nice! Looks like it could get very messy if you're not careful!</p>
<p>The wax actually pours pretty well... It also helps if the bowl you use has a spout</p>
<p>Would it work to use a funnel to pour the wax in? </p>
<p>Kewel! More good smelly stuff.</p>
<p>i would add that food color is not the way to go throw a couple crayons in for color</p>
<p>Do you have to use soy wax, or could you use crayons or beeswax?</p>
Great idea I love candles and shall make some. Thanks for the tip!
Looks cool n I love scented candles

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