Picture of Simple Sea Glass Curtain

I love colored glass in the sunlight.  I originally wanted to make a rustic beaded curtain for my bathroom, but it was difficult to find inexpensive glass beads with holes large enough to string jute through.  On my search, I came across a little craft pack of sea glass and decided to make do. 

For around $15, my tiny bathroom window now has a bit of color.  

- Curtain Rod
- Jute 
- Sea Glass

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Step 1: Make Curtain

Picture of Make Curtain

(1) Separate glass into piles according to size.  This way, you can pace yourself and not end up with all of the big pieces on one side, and won't run out of any color midway through the project. 

(2) Cut and loop jute. 

(3) Start tying knots.  The tighter, the better.  My strategy was to tie the top knot, grab the piece of glass I wanted in the spot and tie the second knot to make the space between the two knots slightly smaller than the glass.  I would then wiggle the glass into place, keeping everything as tight as possible.


Step 2: Hang Curtain

Picture of Hang Curtain

So far, the curtain seems pretty sturdy and I haven't lost any glass.  If you have kids, you make want to find an epoxy to secure everything.

In a perfect world, I probably would have gotten two packs of sea glass.  This seems a bit sparse.  I've taken a picture with the jute squished together; make yours however you like it.

cdcnumber810 months ago

great idea. I will try that. Inspiring

cdcnumber810 months ago

great idea. I will try that. Inspiring

ChrysN1 year ago

Wow, what a great way yo use sea glass, it looks gorgeous.

Katusha (author)  ChrysN1 year ago
Thank you! You are kind to say that. :)