As per my roommate's request I made a super simple shelf for our 
bathroom dresser. 
To keep the clutter off the top.

As a DC at TechShop San Jose I used what I had at my disposal:

Scrap wood
Epilog Laser cutter/engraver
table saw / bandsaw
wood screws

Step 1: Create Files / Laser Engrave Cut Lines

Using AutoCAD I quickly drew up a sketch of the shelf and side pieces.
Using TechShop's Epilog lasers I did a quick vector etching of 
where to cut.  

(my material was too thick to cut on the lasers themselves, in case you 
were wondering. thus why this is a semi-CNC project hahah)

Step 2: Manual Cutting

Now that I have my cut lines engraved onto the material, I took a 
step into the woodshop to complete the cuts. Using a table saw
I trimmed the shelf out. And using the Bandsaw I cut out the corners
of the shelf and the two side pieces.

Step 3: Assemble

Pop the three pieces together and screw in from the rear, and this 
simple semi-CNC shelf is done!
I used 4 screws, (cus that was all I could find ahah) <br>one through the top part of the side pieces <br>and two through the shelf itself. <br> <br>all screws come in through the inside of the dresser <br>into the back side of the shelf. <br> <br>I thought I might need more screws but the 4 seem to <br>be holding up quite strongly =D
Awesome! So it is screwed onto the bookshelf?

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