Picture of Simple Semi-CNC Shelf
As per my roommate's request I made a super simple shelf for our 
bathroom dresser. 
To keep the clutter off the top.

As a DC at TechShop San Jose I used what I had at my disposal:

Scrap wood
Epilog Laser cutter/engraver
table saw / bandsaw
wood screws

Step 1: Create Files / Laser Engrave Cut Lines

Picture of Create Files / Laser Engrave Cut Lines
Using AutoCAD I quickly drew up a sketch of the shelf and side pieces.
Using TechShop's Epilog lasers I did a quick vector etching of 
where to cut.  

(my material was too thick to cut on the lasers themselves, in case you 
were wondering. thus why this is a semi-CNC project hahah)
TSSJ-ryan (author) 3 years ago
I used 4 screws, (cus that was all I could find ahah)
one through the top part of the side pieces
and two through the shelf itself.

all screws come in through the inside of the dresser
into the back side of the shelf.

I thought I might need more screws but the 4 seem to
be holding up quite strongly =D
Awesome! So it is screwed onto the bookshelf?