Simple Sensor Circuit for High Speed Bullet Photography





Introduction: Simple Sensor Circuit for High Speed Bullet Photography

The following video tutorial details the creating of a simple transistor based circuit to detect the impact of a bullet and fire a strobe light for photographing bullets in flight.

Current is applied to the base of the transistor via a piezo transducer, which closes the circuit triggering the flash. Modifications are made to provide an increased and variable sensitivity and then the setup is tested by firing bullets through various objects placed on the sensor.



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    The circuit works great for firing the flash. I was trying to see more detail on how you constructed the vibration detection plate. Is the sensor glued to the bottom polycarbonate sheet? Is there a screw in the top sheet to put a point of pressure on the piezo? Is the rubber to allow the top sheet to deform easily, because I thought the rubber would act as a dampener and lessen the sensitivity?

    Very Well Done! Excellent video, Clear Instructions on something I have thought about doing for years. Thanks.

    great video i must do the same....

    No guns.

    please could you post a schematic etc ??

    The whole middle of the video is schematics and explaining what each component does.

    I think folks find it easier to do stuff like this when they can download a schematic and print it. Not everyone knows how to do screencaps from video...I like this and would love to see a full step-by-step....thanks for posting it!

    I think the new editor may allow the addition of pics to video instructables, but it wasn't an option at the time (as far as I could tell).