Simple Shaker-style Desk for Kate


Introduction: Simple Shaker-style Desk for Kate

This is a small desk I made for my sister who lives in a Manhattan apartment.  She has a laptop and her schoolbooks, and not a lot of space.  The legs can unbolt for easy moving and there is space for pens/paper in the drawer.

It is made out of hard maple and has an oil/shellac finish.  



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    5 Discussions

    Please tell me how to make it, it looks awesome!

    Very nice - I would love to see the plans and the instructable to make; it looks like it would be great in my next apartment instead of the monstrous 60's mid century modern teak desk I'm working on right now...

    This is very nice work. Please do an instructible to show how you got the nice taper on the legs, and fit it all together not showing fasteners.